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Army Service Uniform and Mess Uniform Buttons

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  • All Marlow White Uniforms include the proper buttons
  • Extra buttons or spares can be ordered separately

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The Hamilton-Finish bright buttons are made by the Waterbury Button Company and are available in both Regular Army and Engineer styles. You can choose either a complete set or an individual button as needed.

Prices are listed in the drop-down menu options.

Some buttons are sold on separate pages:

  • https://www.marlowwhite.com/army-mess-chain-with-buttons Note: The mess button sets below include the chain. This link is for purchasing an extra or replacement chain if needed.
  • https://www.marlowwhite.com/male-army-cap-buttons


Product Questions

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For the Mess Dress (White) uniform buttons - on my White Mess, two of the buttons are stitched on. I need 4 buttons with toggles to complete the uniform. I am happy to purchase the complete button set with chain for spare parts, but need to ensure what ships will have toggles included? Thx, JEA
How many buttons are included in one order of the ASU pocket buttons
Do the ASU Male Pocket buttons (25 Ligne) come with the little clip to hold them on?
Are these the buttons that can be put on and taken off similar to cuff links or are these the sew on buttons?

Is there anyway to purchase the/a strip of the "rubber/elastic" material that goes in the dress pants along to the waiste for it to not sag and stay in place?
I was fitted for and purchased my mess uniform when you came to Indianapolis (2010) to measure the INARNG band for dress blue ASUs. Last year I purchased an ASU uniform at the Fort Sill, OK MCS and had them complete the necessary alterations. I was there for a funeral. I am wondering, if I were to send the blouse to you, could I get your button strip sewn on and have the buttons replaced with the Hamilton finish buttons? The material looks to be elastique. The blouse was made by Bowen Bowdon. I realize this is NOT your product and you can refuse to do the work. I would pay for the shipping (both ways), the button strip, the new buttons and the sewing costs to install the button strip. Thanks, gary Stebbins, LTC, FA, Retired.
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