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Male Enlisted ASU Coat

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My tailor informed me that I require a 46 Long Athletic Cut, but I do not see the option in the drop down box. Any guidance would be great, thank you.
Is there a return policy on the coat I bought it was too tight at a 48L and I need a 50L... I do the military funeral honors for the reserves and need to look the part. Can anything be done or is there a threshold that I’m within, I hope there is a return policy and I can send back the one I have for a larger size
I need to add tailor measurements, where do I add this information
Do you know when you'll have 48R coats in stock?
If I buy the asu coat with rank and survive stripes can I get those sown on as well as the braid for the sleeve by you guys?
Thank you!
If I order a set of uniforms, do you sew on the rank and service stripes?
I need to have alterations completed. I thought if I put in the measurements you can do them or does your company not provide alterations?
Do you make a 41 regular athletic cut Enlisted Male ASU jacket? (Wide shoulders)
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