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Custom Military Ribbons and Medals

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Current Production Schedule: 5-7 business days (rush production options are available)

Marlow White builds custom military medals and ribbon sets for the following branches: Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

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Rush Order Information

In our new online Award Module, when you add an award set to the shopping cart, if rush production is available, you are given the choice of production schedules.

  • Normal processing requires about 5-7 business days "in-house" production
  • Rush production is available at this time.
    • Please remember that shipping/delivery times are in addition to production time, for rush orders we always recommend Express shipping.

Pricing Overview:

    • Custom-made new sets, including devices and mounting:
      • Ribbons and Unit Citations: $7.00 each
      • Mini Medals: $15.00 - $30.00 each
      • Full Size: $19.00 - $105.00 each
      • Our new online Award Module includes all pricing for new sets
    • Custom-made Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force Ribbon Sets:
      • $7.00 each (price includes mounting and all devices).
      • Marlow White's ribbon sets are sturdier than the "thin" versions on the market. We incorporate a metal framework within the backing that takes a bit more time and expense to build, but the metal-framework backing makes the ribbon rack less prone to damage than a plastic backing.
    • Custom-Made Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force Miniature and Full-Size Medal Sets:
      • Mounted Mini Medals $15.00 - $30.00 each (price includes mounting and all devices).
        Mounted Full Size $19.00 - $105.00 each (price includes mounting and all devices)

Slide On Racks:

      • Slide-on Ribbons: $1.25 each
      • Slide-on Brackets:
        • 2-ribbon bracket, $2.00
        • 3-ribbon bracket, $2.00
        • 4- to 6-ribbon bracket, $5.00
        • 7- to 12-ribbon bracket, $6.00
        • 13- to 18-ribbon bracket, $6.00
        • 19-ribbon bracket and up, $8.00

How To Wear Mini-Medals

Mini Medals
      • We are often asked for information about the proper way to wear Army Miniature Medals
      • We extracted the applicable information from AR 670-1 and are including it on this page:
      • How To Wear Miniature Medals

Important note about Army miniature devices:

If you desire old style "mini" devices on your Miniture Medals set, let us know. See AR 670-1 paragraph 29-12 for more details. Otherwise, we will build your set with the current authorized devices.

Listing of Military Award Products and Services We Provide:

      • Ribbons:
        • Army Ribbons
        • Navy Ribbons
        • Marine Ribbons
        • Air Force Ribbons
      • Mini Medals:
        • Army Mini Medals
        • Navy Mini Medals
        • Marine Mini Medals
        • Air Force Mini Medals
      • Full Size Medals:
        • Army Full Size Medals
        • Navy Full Size Medals
        • Marine Full Size Medals
        • Air Force Full Size Medal

All ribbons, medals, and devices are manufactured in the USA.

Updates and Remounting:

      • You can supply us with your previous Marlow White set for update and we will re-use as much as we are able; however, please note that the "deeper" the order of precedence for the additional awards, the less we will be able to use from your current set.
      • Remounting Ribbons- $6.00 each.
      • Remounting your Minis- $6.00 each.
      • Remounting your Full Size- $7.00 each.
      • Devices: Pricing ranges from $3-$8 each.
Please note that we can only update sets that we have previously built.

Ribbons and miniature medals are $6 each that we have to move/remount for the correct order of precedence. Full size medals are $7 each one that we have to move/remount. Scroll to the bottom for a sample remount pricing example.

      • Mail this to us with your awards and any instructions.
        • Please make sure to give us all your contact info. Any previous Order Numbers would be helpful.

          Marlow White Uniform
          Awards Department
          400 Seneca St.
          Leavenworth, KS 66048

    If Using PDF or Excel Order Files:

        1. Fill out Order form (as if it was a brand new set)
          1. Excel Order Form
          2. PDF Order Form
        2. Print form and send in with current award set to:
          Marlow White Uniform
          Awards Department
          400 Seneca St.
          Leavenworth, KS 66048

    Example: To add the Iraqi Campaign Service ribbon to the following rack would require six remounts.
    (6 x $7 = $42) + new ribbon ($7) = $49

    Sample Iraq Ribbon
    Upgraded Rack
    Marlow White's swords and sabers have ceremonial blades. As such, they are built to strict military regulations to be used in drills, ceremonies, and displays. These blades are of the highest quality but are not sharpened for use as a weapon.
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