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Alterations/Uniform Care

Proper fit is vital if you want to look your best, and caring for your Marlow White uniform will keep it looking great for years.

Alteration Information (Downloadable PDF)

Information to provide your tailor when they are altering your Army or Navy uniform. Includes basic information such as proper sleeve, trouser, and skirt hem lengths along with where to attach sleeve braid, soutache, hash marks, and chevrons.

Button Strip Instructions (Downloadable PDF)

Information for your tailor or any DIY’er for attaching the removable button strips.

Uniform Care Instructions (Downloadable PDF)

Includes uniform care for wool and polyester uniforms, general storage information, cleaning and pressing, along with warnings about dry cleanings. Also contains special information about Mess Jacket care, wool-fabric hats, and shoes.

Leavenworth Store Alteration Services (Price List)

While we recommend you have your uniform tailored with a local tailor, we do provide alteration services in our Leavenworth store .

DC-Area Store Alteration Services (Price List)

We also provide alteration services in our DC-Area store .

Marlow White's swords and sabers have ceremonial blades. As such, they are built to strict military regulations to be used in drills, ceremonies, and displays. These blades are of the highest quality but are not sharpened for use as a weapon.
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