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ROTC – On-Site Fitting Visits

Depending on availability, Marlow White may be able to send a fitting team to your ROTC location. Our team will measure each cadet for his/her Uniforms, take the measurements back to our Kansas headquarters, alter the uniforms to each cadet’s measurements, and send the cadets their uniforms ready for wear. Ask us about fitting visits for 2022.

  • Cadets get accurately measured by an experienced military uniform fitting team
  • Cadet uniform alterations will be done by the Marlow White tailors who have more than 125 years of combined military uniform alteration experience
  • Marlow White uniform alteration costs are extremely competitive and are often less than what cadets will be charged locally
  • Cadets do not need to spend personal time to take an unaltered uniform to a tailor to get fitted and marked. After fitting each cadet, Marlow White handles all of the sizing information and will ship the cadets altered uniforms ready for wear
  • There must be at least 50 cadets ordering uniforms for us to consider sending a fitting team to the location. If the school does not have 50 cadets, the school may coordinate with neighboring ROTC programs and local National Guard or Army Reserve units for other soldiers who may need ASU or Mess uniforms and who can travel to the fitting location
  • We may need to increase the number of cadets based off geographic location due to travel expense.
  • We request that a member of Cadre or College staff be elected to coordinate the dates, details, etc. with Marlow White
  • Confirm with the ROTC leadership (PMS or equivalent) about hosting a Marlow White uniform fitting.
  • Coordinate a room (classroom, meeting room, etc.) to conduct the fittings. The room should be large enough to have 5 people be standing in there comfortably, two rolling racks for try-on garments, and a small table with chairs
  • Desired fitting dates need to be at least four weeks out from when the uniforms are needed to allow for alterations. We recommend scheduling the fitting visit as early as possible
  • We recommend coordinating the fitting visit at least 8-10 weeks out from the desired date to help minimize travel expenses
  • Point of contact works with Marlow White to set up the fitting visit. This person also communicates the information to the cadets participating in the uniform fitting
  • Cadets attend the fitting event to get measured for a uniform. The fitting process takes approximately 30 minutes per person
  • Cadets order their ASU packages. The most common packages are the male and female commissioning and officer packages. Commissioning packages are similar to the officer packages but have more accessories making this package the ideal package for a first time uniform purchase.
  • Marlow White alters cadet uniforms based on the measurements captured at the fitting
  • Marlow White ships the uniforms to the address each cadet specifies
  • Cadets try on the altered uniforms to confirm the fit
  • "Contact us" for more details on setting up a fitting visit
  • What if a fitting visit is not possible? That’s okay, using the "how to measure" instructions on our website, you can determine the appropriate uniform sizes you will need. You can then order an unaltered uniform and using the instructions we provide in the order; a local tailor can follow these instructions to alter the uniform appropriately
Marlow White's swords and sabers have ceremonial blades. As such, they are built to strict military regulations to be used in drills, ceremonies, and displays. These blades are of the highest quality but are not sharpened for use as a weapon.
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