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Male Officer Blue Mess Package

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  • Choose from two certified fabrics
  • Only certified source of Army Mess Jackets
  • Comes complete with officer branch sleeve braid (unattached), trefoil, and mess chain
  • Free Ground Shipping

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Jacket comes with trefoil (cloverleaf) design attached while the sleeve braid will come unattached in order to properly establish the hem.


Product Questions

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What is the differences in prmiumand classic uniform
Will my ASU pants work with the Dress Mess jacket, or is there a significant difference for both attires?
Is the stitching of the hem and sowing of the sleeve braid and/or soutache included in the price? Or do I have to pay extra for it?
I would like to purchase the Army officers blue mess dress package, but require a 17 34/35 shirt. Do you know when they will be in stock or is it possible to purchase the package without the shirt? Also, when will the premium material coat in size 44R be back in stock?

To whom it may concern, I was curious how soon I would be able to place an order for an Officer 38R Classic Fabric Mess Dress Jacket? My wedding is 26OCT19.

I pray there is still a chance to make this a possibility.

Rob Formica
I need to buy an officer's dress mess uniform. The uniform shop at Ft Jackson no longer orders them. They referred me to you, but how do I get fitted?
Does the "engineer " mess jacket come with the engineer buttons or do I have to order them separately?
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