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Male Blue Mess Trousers

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  • Due to Nationwide trouser shortages affecting all branches, the US Government has exercised their “national interest” emergency contract clauses which allow them to step first in line for trouser production to support the issue uniforms for basic training and other contract requirements. Retailers are left waiting for production to become available again, especially for items that are optional wear. We are doing our utmost to accelerate having these uniforms back in stock.
  • Choose from two certified fabrics
  • Trousers come unhemmed
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Product Questions

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I know these are the high waist design, so in that case do I take my measurement from where these will sit as opposed to where normal pants would sit? And...whatever my measurement is do I still add an “extra one”
I wear a 33 to 34 waist pants right on my hip bone would a 36 be an appropriate size for mess pants
Why 3 places to chose sizes on the trousers I’m a 40R I’m trying to order
I have a pair of pants from 6 years ago. On the civilian side, i know a more fitted look is "in" right now. Is there regulations on the fit for the pants
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