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Classic™, Professional™, and Premium™ Fabric Differences

Fabric Details:

Classic™ Uniform:

Made of 55/45 polyester/wool tropical material, the same material as the former "Dress Blue" uniforms you may have had before the ASU release. This uniform is a good option for temperate or moderate climates.

Professional™ Uniform:

Made of 100% polyester, this is the most economical uniform available. A durable uniform designed for frequent wear.

Premium™ Uniform:

Made of 55/45 polyester/wool Elastique fabric that is the highest quality uniform available. Durable and wrinkle resistant, this uniform will maintain a great military appearance through frequent wear.

Why does the higher-rated Professional™ fabric cost less than Classic™ fabric?

Classic™ fabric is made from natural fibers as well as synthetic fibers and costs more to produce. Professional™ fabric is made entirely of synthetic fibers, which enables us to provide a more durable uniform at an economical price.

A Closer Look at Our Premium Fabric:

Elastique cloth weave (details)

Fabric Weight:

Weight of cloth difference

Why is Our Premium™ Cloth Better?

1) More Durable Weave and More Historical - Our Premium cloth is a "double" weave. One can determine a Premium fabric by the diagonal line within the weave pattern versus the plain pattern of the Classic weave. The double layers of the Premium cloth traces its history back to the Indian War period of our Nation, when Cavalry Soldiers needed a more durable cloth to counter the saddle wear. For Soldiers today, the Premium provides a more durable cloth if the uniform is worn more than a few times each year. Click the images above for a higher-resolution image.

2) Better Look and Less Wrinkling - The Premium cloth is a "heavier" cloth with about twice the yarn than the Classic. The Premium hangs better on the Soldier's body, keeps the creases longer, and is not prone to wrinkling. While one might think a "heavier" cloth equates to a "hotter" cloth, the Premium cloth will still be comfortable for wear for most occasions, except perhaps outdoor events during the summer (when nothing is comfortable). The Classic weave, by contrast, will be somewhat cooler during the outdoor summer events; however, the Classic cloth will not be as warm during the cool fall, winter, and spring seasons. The images above show the creases of the trousers to give you a sense of the "body" differences between the two cloths. Click the images above for a higher-resolution image.

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