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Male Officer Blue Mess Jacket

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  • Choose from two certified fabrics
  • Only certified source of Army Mess Jackets
  • Comes complete with officer branch sleeve braid (unattached), trefoil, and mess chain
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    Product Questions

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    Where do I measure for dress mess jacket. I understand height chart but need where I get the number. Thanks
    Are the Army officer dress mess and Army dress blue pants the same?
    Is red the standard lapel color for the male officer dress mess jacket? I am branch SC and only want orange in the jacket wrist areas
    Can I please request a coupon to help with costs?
    I am going to order my first Mess Uniform. What are the knots for? What is the difference in the two selections?
    I do not see the facings for Warrant Officer (brown). Is that a special order?
    Dl you have Dress Mess for enlisted, Field Artillery, SFC
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