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Army Blue Hash Marks

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  • 1 per every 3 years of completed service
  • Worn on the Army Service Uniform
  • Enlisted only

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  • Blue enlisted Army Service Stripes worn on the Army Service Uniform.
  • Nylon embroidered to match the Natick-specified "Goldenlite" color, on a blue background.
  • Hash marks represent years of service, one hash mark stripe for each completed 3-year period of service.
  • Hash marks are worn on the wearer’s left sleeve
  • Priced per mark.


Product Questions

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ref: Male Army Blue Hash Marks
- Qty indicates how many stripes you will need?
- I have 29 years; thus needing 9 stripes so do I indicate 9 on the Qty block?
- Are there different materials; I am currently using the Premium ASU coat and want to ensure it matches with my rank
Sir, I need overseas bars for 2 years and 7 months of overseas service, the flat bars. also need the service bars for 10 years 11 months of service, the slash type. This is for a class A green uniform of the 1960's era. Thanks, Ray
I own Dress Greens from time in service, but I also own the EARLY rendition of dress blues. As a SP4, By trousers (all did at this time) have Yellow stripe, My hash marks of service extend the half of both sleeves. May I still wear these or have they been banned for ceremony wear?
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