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Male Jr. Enlisted ASU Trousers Item Number: 09-1x7

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Price: $65.00
  • Multiple certified fabric options available

  • Extra fabric at the waist & seat seams allowing potential alterations

  • Trousers come unhemmed

  • Free Ground Shipping on orders of $100 or more

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    Price: $65.00


    Additional Information:

    • NCO & Officer version:
    • Notice: According to Army uniform regulations, uniform coat and trouser fabrics must match (DA PAM 670-1, Paragraph 13-12.b-c.)
    The Marlow White Difference

    The Marlow White Difference.

    The Marlow White Difference.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    When ordering pants size, should I go by my waist measurement or hip measurement? When I measured my hips they are a 44", but comparing to the blue jeans I wear, they are marked as 38".
    Pants inseam length - what are the length of a reg. or long in inches
    If I purchased my ASU at clothing sales, would I still choose the classic material?
    If I order a set of uniforms, do you sew on the rank and service stripes?
    I previously ordered my ASUs from Marlow White a few years ago but I don't remember which version I ordered. How can you tell which version of the fabric it is? I need to order a skirt to match my current uniform & they need to match.