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Male Army ASU White Short Sleeve Shirt

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Due to manufacturing disruptions, we are temporarily unable to offer individual ASU shirts for sale. We recommend checking with your local AAFES store or at www.shopmyexchange.com. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Product Questions

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Is there a pen holder/slot in the chest pocket of the short sleeve shirt, like the one the Darwood shirt has in the long sleeve version?
Our Marine Corps League Honor Guard unit has been and using your White (short and long sleeve) Army ASU shirts. The problem is, since we are mostly Seniors our requirements are for use of non-tapered shirt style. Do you market your Army ASU White shirts as such?
We presently have (26) Honor Guards that would be interested. Thank you
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I see there is no pen holder or slot in the pocket. Too bad for us pilots. How long is the pocket so I can tell if my pens will fit under the flap?
Would you be able to make this shirt with a pen holder in the left breast and open on the top seam of both pockets to add a name plate and reference book?
Is there a version of this shirt without the pleats?
size 13 male army asu s/s shirt. is this available?
Why does it ask for l/s shirt size twice? Same as the tie, it asks for that size twice too
I would like to order the ASU short sleeve shirt and layer the long. For the short sleeve I know my neck size, I understand the shirt is tapered, me being a bit portly, how should I handle that when I order to make sure I get the correct size?
I have a question about your shirt size when it comes to 18 size but with the chest width. Thank you
How is the fit? I’m looking for a slimmer fit than the one originally issued.
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