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Army Combat Service Identification Badge (CSIB) Item Number: 04-470

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Price: $15.50
  • Pin-on badge worn on the Army Service and Mess Uniforms.
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    Price: $15.50


    CSIB (Combat Service Identification Badge): pin-on badge worn on the Army Service and Mess Uniforms.

    To order the Retired Service Identification Badge, please visit our webpage Retired Service Identification Badge  

    Additional Information:

    • Male ASU: worn centered on the right breast pocket of the ASU coat
    • Female ASU: worn on the right side parallel to the waistline on the ASU coat
    • Mess Uniform: worn on the right side of the jacket, centered between the upper two buttons (male) or lower two buttons (female)
    • The CSIB is ranked fifth in order of precedence below the Presidential, Vice-Presidential, Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff identification badges

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What do I wear if my CSIB is not produced yet? Through an ALARACT message, the Army authorizes the temporary wear of the following badges: Multi-National Force-Iraq, USAE US Forces-Afghanistan, and Special Operations Command, Pacific for Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines respectively.

    My brother's roommate's cousin found my unit's badge, but no one else has seen it. Why? Replica and fake CSIB’s are out there. Click to learn how to identify authentic Heraldic items so you know the difference.

    When is my unit's CSIB becoming available? The Institute of Heraldry maintains a list of the completed CSIB designs. If your unit is not on the list, there is a good chance the badge is in design. We recommend occasionally checking the TIOH website to see if the unit page has an updated CSIB design listed.

    Why is it taking so long to make these? Each CSIB has to go through an approval process with the Institute of Heraldry. There will be around 500 different CSIB’s produced and the entire process will take about 5 years.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    how do i wear three badges Drill sergeant, recruiter and retention badge how do i place them on uniform
    Re CSIB, do you have Americal Division or 11th Light Infantry Brigade badges?
    Is your 16th MP brigade CSIB with or without the airborne tab on it? I need the non-airborne version.
    Is the CSIB that I purchased for my ASU the same size that I would wear for my mess dress? Or is there a “mini” CSIB like there is for the staff badges (i.e. Department of the Army). Thank you.
    Can the Retiree badge be worn with a CSIB on the blue mess jacket, or only one of them?
    How would I get the CSIB for my Army Reserve unit, 826TH MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALION ?

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