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Male Officer & NCO ASU Trousers

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Do these have the good braid?
What is the inseam length for your short pants?
If I am jeans size 32" will that be the same in the trousers?
Why are all the sizes out of stock?
Why, for one pair of pants, are there three "trouser size" selection boxes that are required choices and have different sizing information in their pull down menus?
I noticed that on both the male NCO/Officer ASU trousers as well as the Jr. Enlisted ones there’s no option in the “Fabric Type” drop down menu for the “Professional” material; only “Classic” and “Premium”. The women’s trousers, on the other hand, have that option. Are you currently out of stock in that fabric for men’s trousers?
Will the Professional Pants look ok or match with the premium ASU Top. I ask because you are completly out of premium pants.
Hello, when will the PREMIUM trousers be available again? I see nothing in stock. Looking for 29 or 30 here.
Do we use the Hips or Waist measurement? If it is the waist measurement there is no size that fits me. I have a 27.5" waist and the smallest size here is 30S". This site is very unclear on which measurement to use for what product.
I need to speak with someone I am a retired marine trying to buy a uniform for a diinginkan Armylaena veteran
Do you have officer dress blues pants that do not have belt loops
In an earlier Q/A you said that the 100% polyester “Professional” fabric is being discontinued. Is it being discontinued entirely (leaving only the “Classic” and “Premium” options) or only for the ASU trousers?
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