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Male Army Shoulder Straps Item Number: 08-001

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Price: $32.00
  • Nylon Straps $32.00

  • Bullion Straps $59.00

  • Shoulder Clips included
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    Price: $32.00


    • Shoulder Clips included
    • Nylon and Gold Bullion embroidery options available
    • Sold as a pair
    • Designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications

    Our shoulder straps are designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications.

    This is why we include a free Intercept-Lined® Shoulder Strap Protective Case with every order of bullion straps.

    Shoulder Strap Sale: We are overstocked on certain bullion shoulder straps and are offering them at a sale price. Visit our overstock page to see if your branch/rank combination is listed.

    Please note: We try very hard to maintain a realistic stock of all rank and branch combinations in nylon (e.g., we do not stock CW3 Infantry, etc). Also, while we try to keep a robust stock of gold bullion shoulder straps, these items may take up to 3 months to manufacture. We will contact you if we do not currently have the item you desire in stock.


    Additional Information:

    Photo comparison: should you buy Gold Bullion or Nylon?

    Bullion items are made of copper wire thread that is plated with either silver or gold. Unfortunately, due to the metal content, the silver-plated bullion will tarnish rather quickly. The gold-plated rank will also tarnish, as the underlying copper "bleeds" though the gold over time as a dissimilar metal. To lessen the tarnish, limit the uniform's exposure to air and humidity.> We recommend storing your uniform in a Premium Garment Bag with Intercept® Lining.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    Are nurse corps shoulder straps the same as medical corps?
    I am hoping to get a pair of WO1 bullion shoulder straps for the chemical branch. The dropdown menu will NOT allow me to select the Chemical Branch. Is it possible to get a set of bullion shoulder straps for WO1 Chemical (male)?
    Where exactly do male shoulder bars go
    Is there a difference in size between a man's shoulder straps & a females? I am branching Field artillery and I couldn't find a field artillery shoulder strap under the women's uniform products. If there is no difference in size then I will just purchase the men's one.
    Are the Medical Service Corps shoulder straps the same as the Medical Corps shoulder straps?
    On average, how many weeks/months go by before the bullion boards start to tarnish? Assuming kept enclosed in a lined container that you sell.