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Male Army Shoulder Straps

In stock
  • Nylon Straps $34.50
  • Bullion Straps $65.00
  • Shoulder Clips included

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  • Shoulder Clips included
  • Nylon and Gold Bullion embroidery options available
  • Sold as a pair
  • Designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications

Our shoulder straps are designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications.

This is why we include a free https://www.marlowwhite.com/intercept-lined-shoulder-strap-protective-case with every order of bullion straps.

Shoulder Strap Sale: We are overstocked on certain bullion shoulder straps and are offering them at a sale price. Visit our overstock page to see if your branch/rank combination is listed.

Please note: We try very hard to maintain a realistic stock of all rank and branch combinations in nylon (e.g., we do not stock CW3 Infantry, etc). Also, while we try to keep a robust stock of gold bullion shoulder straps, these items may take up to 3 months to manufacture. We will contact you if we do not currently have the item you desire in stock.



Product Questions

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I am hoping to get a pair of WO1 bullion shoulder straps for the chemical branch. The dropdown menu will NOT allow me to select the Chemical Branch. Is it possible to get a set of bullion shoulder straps for WO1 Chemical (male)?
Are nurse corps shoulder straps the same as medical corps?
I wanted to place an order for some Shoulder straps but it would not let me get past a field. I showed Engineers and COL and then another branch field shows Adjutant General which I don't need. I am ready to shop somewhere else.
Why are there two drop downs for “Bullion Shoulder Strap Branch?” I can select LG for the first one, my branch, but the second one forces me to choose AG.
Where exactly do male shoulder bars go
Is there a difference in size between a man's shoulder straps & a females? I am branching Field artillery and I couldn't find a field artillery shoulder strap under the women's uniform products. If there is no difference in size then I will just purchase the men's one.
Are the Medical Service Corps shoulder straps the same as the Medical Corps shoulder straps?
On average, how many weeks/months go by before the bullion boards start to tarnish? Assuming kept enclosed in a lined container that you sell.
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