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Custom Laser Etching

Custom Laser Etching
  • Optional for most swords & sabers we offer.
  • Superior to engraving because of its size, readability, beauty, and close match to the acid etch design.
  • Choose from 3 different font styles.

Choose your options

Maximum 30 characters


  • We believe laser etching is superior to standard engraving (which grinds into the blade) due to laser etching's size, readability, beauty, and close match to the acid etch design.
  • Includes a free to help protect your quality WKC sword.
  • Available as an add-on for all US Military swords/sabers.
  • For alignment information and sample images visit our

  • Please note the input field below allows 30 characters yet some swords/sabers have less space. Avoid entering ALL CAPS, quotation marks or any type of punctuation unless you want it to appear in the final laser etch.

    • Army Saber: 19 characters max
    • Army Sword: 30 characters max
    • Navy Sword: 19 characters max
    • Navy Cutlass: 30 characters max
    • Coast Guard Sword: 19 characters max
    • Coast Guard Cutlass: 30 characters max
    • Air Force Sword: 30 characters max
    • Marine NCO Sword: 19 characters max
    • Marine Officer Mameluke: 19 characters max
    • Public Health Service Sword: 21 characters max
    • Academy Sword: 30 characters max



How many letters per inch using Engravers Old English font?
Question by: Morrill Marston on Apr 27, 2020, 6:39 PM
This would depend on the size of the font. The maximum would be 30 characters with small font size.
Answer by: Leah Cook on May 22, 2020, 3:05 PM
How do I order etching on the scabbard?
How long is turn around time to have sword delivered?
Question by: Paul D Copeland on Nov 29, 2021, 3:47 PM
Not all scabbards can be etched. To inquire on if your scabbard is something we can etch please email [email protected] letting us know what sword you have.
Answer by: Leah Cook on Dec 3, 2021, 1:27 PM
What fonts are available?
Question by: Tom Quirk on Jun 15, 2020, 10:00 AM
We offer Old English, Arial, and Edwardian Script. Please see the photos included on this item for examples of lettering. https://www.marlowwhite.com/custom-laser-etching
Answer by: Leah Cook on Jun 16, 2020, 10:00 AM
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