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Custom Laser Etching Item Number: 88-001

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Price: $25.00

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Price: $25.00


  • We believe laser etching is superior to standard engraving (which grinds into the blade) due to laser etching's size, readability, beauty, and close match to the acid etch design.
  • Includes a free to help protect your quality WKC sword.
  • Available as an add-on for all US Military swords/sabers.
  • For alignment information and sample images visit our Laser Etching page

  • Beware using ALL CAPS due to the Old English font.

Additional Information:

Please note the input field below allows 30 characters yet some swords/sabers have less space. Avoid entering ALL CAPS, quotation marks or any type of punctuation unless you want it to appear in the final laser etch.

  • Army Saber: 19 characters max
  • Army Sword: 30 characters max
  • Navy Sword: 19 characters max
  • Navy Cutlass: 30 characters max
  • Coast Guard Sword: 19 characters max
  • Coast Guard Cutlass: 30 characters max
  • Air Force Sword: 30 characters max
  • Marine NCO Sword: 19 characters max
  • Marine Officer Mameluke: 19 characters max
  • Public Health Service Sword: 21 characters max
  • Academy Sword: 30 characters max
The Marlow White Difference

The Marlow White Difference.

The Marlow White Difference.

Product Questions

Product Questions

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What do the etchings on the model 1850 army Sabre represent
Can I send another sword or saber to be engraved by Marlow White?

If I buy a sword from Marlow White, can I send it in later to be engraved if I don't do so when I purchase it?

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