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Army Officer Saber & Scabbard

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  • German Quality Sword
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    • See Details tab for sword design specifics
    • Included: Protective cloth bag, free ground shipping
    • Also available:

    • https://www.marlowwhite.com/army-officer-saber-package
    • Guard: Nickel-plated brass, then embossed to avoid pits
    • End Cap: Nickel-plated brass
    • Blade:
      • High-carbon steel, tempered to 48-52 HRC Rockwell to resist abrasion, yet remain flexible
      • Nickel-plated
      • Acid-etched, so deep one can feel it with a fingernail
    • Scabbard:
      • Made of 1 mm thick steel tube
      • Nickel-plated
      • Hand-polished


    Product Questions

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    I was wondering what time period this model is from.
    What’s the appropriate length officer’s saber for a 6’1” male?
    I have my grandfather's US Army officers ceremonial dress sword and scabard. The encased blade shines as If it was just polished yesterday. What is that metal composed of?
    However, my other question is about the scabbed and other exposed parts of the sword . I don't know what that metal is either and would like to polish it but don't know what to use . My search for answers led me to your website.
    With Many Thanks , E,M.
    Are the army officer sabers sharp edged?
    Metallurgical content, what is the carbon steel type used e.g. 1040, 1055, 1060, 1090?
    Looking at a sabre for my wife and myself. Can both sides be etched?
    Is your saber sword has a sharp edge
    Is etching done only on one side, or is it available on both sides?
    Are you making the pinks and greens uniform?

    We're buying the sword for our son. Regarding the length option, should that match his inseam?
    For an active duty Army Officer saber, do you recommend historical or rotational placement for etching?
    What is the difference in etching between this sword and the Warrant Officer sword?
    Are the number of characters on the officer sword limited to 19 characters? Is there a way to extend it to 30 like the NCOs?
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