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Army Saber Dress Strap Item Number: !87-104-0-0-00-000-2000

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Price: $12.50
  • Made of 3/4" leather

  • Nickel-plated buckle
  • Features


    • Modeled after the dress strap used by The Old Guard
    • Made of 3/4" leather
    • Nickel-plated buckle onto which one hooks the chain's square hook
    • Uses a black safety snap that must be actively pulled by the thumb to unsnap, allowing it to securely hold the saber without releasing

    Additional Information:

    The Army Saber Dress Strap is worn in lieu of the .

    How worn: Typically worn with a ceremonial belt to present a "cleaner" appearance and is an excellent choice for most Soldiers who wear the saber infrequently and for short periods of time. Keep in mind that the wider (standard) saber guard distributes the weight along a longer length of the belt's edge than the dress strap, protecting the belt's edge better than the saber strap. Wear the ceremonial belt snugly to prevent excessive damage. Also, if wearing the saber for long periods of time, the wider saber guard will "guard" the uniform from any wear caused by the saber's hand guard rubbing on the uniform.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

    I'm a Jrotc saber guard member how will i go about using this from a Jrotc standard and any tips on how the saber is to be worn?