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Officer Army Ceremonial Belt

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  • Leatherette backing resists shrinking

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Anodized, non-tarnish, 22-carat gold-plated buckle with US Coat of Arms and branch-colored braid mounted on shrink-resistent leatherette. Belt is adjustable to 50", one-size-fits-all. Belt width is 1-3/4 inches.

Wear of the Ceremonial Belt: The ceremonial belt is worn with the Army Service Uniform on ceremonial occasions, with or without a saber. Local unit SOPs may govern the ceremonial belt wear at official functions, so be sure to check these as well. We discuss this issue more fully in our FAQ.


Product Questions

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Do you have in stock the ceremonial belt clips to sew on the ASU coat to level the belt around the jacket?
What is the regulation that governs wear of this item?
Do you all carry bullion branch insignia? I'm in Korea and having a traditional mess jacket put together. Looking for Infantry branch. Thx.

Can the U.S. Army Officer Ceremonial Belt (MI) be worn with the Blue ASU with award ribbons or are medals worn with ceremonial belt?
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