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AGSU Overseas Service Bars

  • Worn by officer & enlisted soldiers on the AGSU coat
  • One bar per 6-months in authorized combat zones
  • Priced per bar
  • Available in two sizes
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  • Worn by officers and enlisted Soldiers on the right sleeve of the AGSU Coat
  • One OSB is worn for each completed 6-month period in an authorized combat zone during a specified combat time period
  • Made by a manufacturer authorized by the Institute of Heraldry
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    I am trying to make a display case of my fathers ww 2 medals. What is the difference between the small and large overseas service bars?? Thank you so much.
    Question by: Linda on May 9, 2024, 2:09 PM
    The Large is a Male bar 3/16 inches wide 1-5/16 inches long, & Small is a Female bar 2/16 inches wide 1-2/16 inches long.
    Answer by: Colleen Carney (Admin) on May 10, 2024, 11:41 AM
    Marlow White's swords and sabers have ceremonial blades. As such, they are built to strict military regulations to be used in drills, ceremonies, and displays. These blades are of the highest quality but are not sharpened for use as a weapon.
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