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AMC College Saber, Etch - Gold-Blue

AMC College Etch - Gold-Blue

Please note: this is a 'controlled' item and is only sold to members of the Corps of Cadets. Click for ordering information.


  • Guard: 24 carat gold-plated brass
  • Cap: 24 carat gold-plated brass


  • High-carbon steel, tempered to 48-52 HRC Rockwell to be flexible
  • Acid-etched, so deep one can feel it with a fingernail, by a master-craftsman, then gold-plated and heat-blued to attain the gold/blue effect
  • Displays the "Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas" etch (also available with " Texas A&M University" etch)
  • Unsharpened ceremonial edge, but the blade has a sharp tip


  • Made of 1 millimeter thick steel tube
  • Nickel-plated
  • Hand-polished

See how to choose the proper Army Saber length.

The saber and scabbard come enclosed in a protective cloth bag.


Please note: the "bluing" process used in the production of this blade is not a chemical process and can result in some variation of the blue color. It is a thermal process that depends on many factors that can affect the blue color: variation of material in the steel, temperature, humidity, etc. We inspect every blade and saber before shipping to ensure the variation of color meets our standard.


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