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Army Saber Knot - Brown Leather Item Number: !87-112-0-0-00-000-0000

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Price: $27.50
  • For wear with the Army Officer Saber
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    Made of brown leather, the saber knot is the original "dummy cord". An officer would tie the cord around his wrist to keep from losing his saber in battle, such as when he would need to suddenly drop his saber to grab the reins. While modern ornamental saber knots are black or brown, historically they were made from brown leather.

    Additional Information:

    The saber knot is used with the Army Officer Saber, but is considered an optional accessory.

    Learn how to attach the saber knot to the Army Officer Saber.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

    How/ long is the cord? Is the knot the same size as the Navy sword knot? Is this the only sword knot authorized for an Army Sabre/sword?