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Premium Garment Bag with Intercept® Lining

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Premium Garment Bag with Intercept Lining

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  • Intercept lining protects fabric and metals
  • Provides 25-year protection
  • Nylon outer bag
  • Zippered access
  • Slit top for hanger


  • 23" deep comfortably holds two uniforms, but can accommodate three
  • 44" length Regular is for Uniforms/Trousers/Skirts
  • 62" length Extra-Long is for Long Mess Skirts/Capes

We recommend storing any dress uniform or cadet uniform in an Intercept-Lined garment bag.

We do include a with every jacket or coat that we sell, but our complimentary garment bag does not include the Intercept lining.


Product Questions

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Is it breathable?
I purchased one of these bags with my
uniform ten years ago. While I was
active duty for four years,
I deployed twice and was in
the field a great deal, with
minimal use of my ASUs. Now that I
am National Guard I have continued
minimal use. However, the zipper on
the bag broke. I noticed your
description says 25 years of
Would a broken zipper under
use qualify for warranty replacement?
Does this bag have the company name Marlow white on the outside of the bag?
Can this garment bag fold to be more accessible for traveling or no?
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