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Premium Garment Bag with Intercept® Lining

Starting at $55.00
Premium Garment Bag with Intercept Lining

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  • Intercept lining protects fabric and metals
  • Provides 25-year protection
  • Nylon outer bag
  • Zippered access
  • Slit top for hanger


  • 23" deep comfortably holds two uniforms, but can accommodate three
  • 44" length Regular is for Uniforms/Trousers/Skirts
  • 62" length Extra-Long is for Long Mess Skirts/Capes

We recommend storing any dress uniform or cadet uniform in an Intercept-Lined garment bag.

We do include a with every jacket or coat that we sell, but our complimentary garment bag does not include the Intercept lining.


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