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Female Enlisted Blue Mess Jacket Item Number: 09-0x2-FE

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Price: $349.00
  • Choose from two certified fabrics

  • Only certified source of Army Mess Jackets

  • Comes complete with sleeve soutache braid (unattached) and mess chain

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    Price: $349.00


    Additional Information:

    Army Blue Mess Jacket care information.

    The Marlow White Difference
    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    Is the CSIB that I purchased for my ASU the same size that I would wear for my mess dress? Or is there a “mini” CSIB like there is for the staff badges (i.e. Department of the Army). Thank you.
    If I order a set of uniforms, do you sew on the rank and service stripes?
    I have a set of miniature medals that you assembled for me about 10 years ago. The structure that holds them together is falling apart. Can I send them to you and get them remounted? The total number of medals is 19. Additionally, I need to add the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm to the rack. What might that cost?

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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