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Alteration Information - DC-Area Store

Proper fit is one of the key ingredients in a professional look. Marlow White's tailors have been custom fitting military uniforms for years.

Should you be near our DC-Area Store , we offer a wide range of uniform alteration services.

Following is a list of the alterations available in our DC-Area store.

General Alteration Timeline:

  • Full alterations for a new uniform: 4 weeks
  • Minor alterations (hemming pants, sewing patches, etc.): 1-2 days

To jump to a specific uniform/alteration list, click:

White & Blue Mess Jackets (Male & Female)

Change Satin Lapel (Marlow White Jacket) $105.00
Change Satin Lapel (Non-Marlow White Jacket) $129.00
Change Satin Lapel & Sleeve Braid (MW Jacket) $125.00
Take in or let out sides $35.00
Deepen armhole $20.00
Finish sleeves $35.00
Sew Rank $5.00 each

Army Service Uniform Coat – Officer & Enlisted (Male & Female)

Take in or let out sides $30.00
Deepen armhole $20.00
Lengthen or shorten sleeves $35.00
Sew enlisted rank $5.00 each
Converted Enlisted to Officer $50.00

Army Service Uniform Trousers & Slacks (Male & Female)

Take in/Let Out Waist or Seat $15.00
Hem $12.00
Attach trouser braid $35.00
Replace existing trouser braid $40.00

Skirt (Female)

Take in waist $28.50
Take in sides $12.50
Hem skirt $15.00
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