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Marlow White's Golden Rule Ethic

Everyone is familiar with the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What does that mean for a business? Simple. We strive to be the type of business that, if we were back on active duty, we would want to order from.

What type of business does a Soldier/Marine/Sailor
want to order from?

  • A business that serves our Servicemember's dress uniform needs by providing a Win-Win business transaction.
  • A business that provides top-quality merchandise - Our swords are second to none.
  • A business that respects, honors, and understands the sacrifice of Soldiers - a portion of ALL web sales are donated to the Warrior Legacy Scholarship Fund.
  • A business that values and supports military tradition - We have an extensive sword FAQ.
  • A business that charges a fair price - We sell direct from WKC to you for a fair price, eliminating the extra distribution layers that our competitors have.
  • A business that will provide support after the "sale" - We include a complimentary blitz cloth and fabric storage bag with each sword/saber, along with care/cleaning instructions. If you have ANY other questions about your sword/saber, simply contact us.
  • An established business that is not a "fly-by-night-web-site out to make a quick buck" - We have been in business since 1879.

We welcome competition from any other sword/saber manufacturer or retailer in the world that meets these qualifications. Unfortunately, we have yet to find one.

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