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Uniform Alteration Policy

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For information about button strips as well as how to have your uniform altered, please visit our Alterations Page.

The surest method to properly altering a uniform is for the customer to arrange for alterations at their local tailor because the local tailor can physically see the uniform on you. With this truth in mind, we offer you the following help:

Local Tailoring - You Are Responsible for Your Tailoring

  1. We strongly recommend this approach because the tailor can physically view the uniform on you.
  2. Using your measurements (make sure you supply them all during checkout), we will ship you a uniform that we think will fit your general build. Our goal is to fit your shoulders, upper chest/bust, hips, and height, and then your tailor will adjust or alter from there.
  3. Occasionally, the first uniform we ship may not fit you properly, at which point you should contact us, explain to us the portions of the uniform that do not fit properly, and arrange to exchange the uniform for a different size. If this does occur, you may exchange the uniform BEFORE the uniform is altered. Warning: we cannot accept for return or exchange any item that has been altered.
  4. After confirming the general fit, you need to make an appointment with a local uniform tailor. Every uniform will need the coat sleeves hemmed (and braid attached to the correct position) and the trousers, slacks, or skirt hemmed. Depending on the person's build, the uniform may also need other adjustments to the sides, waist, collar, or armpits.
  5. If you or your local tailor have questions regarding an alteration or the placement of rank, stripes, etc., please visit our Alterations Resource Page.

Return Shipping

When shipping items to Marlow White for altering or exchange, please insure the items for their full value and enclose information about your order (name, phone #, order #, etc.).

Ship to:

Marlow White
Attn: Alterations
400 Seneca Street
Leavenworth, KS 66048

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