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9 November 2020: Marlow White begins its open access for online sales of the Exclusive Marlow White AGSU. Shop for YOURS now!

28 July 2020: Marlow White begins its Limited Invitation Program for online sales of the Exclusive Marlow White AGSU. Due to extremely high demand for our uniforms, please sign up for YOUR invitation, by
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24 June 2020: Marlow White begins fitting for the AGSU at both their Leavenworth and Woodbridge locations..

1 June 2020: The Army issued the long-awaited memorandum authorizing the wear of the Army Green Service Uniform.

When will Marlow White have the AGSU available? Currently, Marlow White is conducting AGSU fittings only at our Leavenworth, KS headquarters while we are perfecting our technique for fitting and tailoring this new uniform. We expect to sell the uniform in our Woodbridge, VA store and online within 1-2 months.

Is Marlow White certified? Absolutely. In fact, Marlow White’s AGSU is an even higher standard for the discerning Soldier.

After all this time, why the delay now? The Limited User Evaluation resulted in some needed improvements and changes. And Marlow White identified some things that we desired to improve upon. Our goal is to get it right, not to be the first to market. Buying a uniform that is made poorly, that fits and lays poorly, or that is tailored poorly is an expensive mistake. We’ve seen coats out there that look frumpy and with lapels that do not lay correctly. We will not sell you a uniform that is anything short of excellent. We have a saying here: “Be careful: if you want it real bad, you might just get it real bad.”

Why can’t I buy an AGSU on-line from you now? Our tailors have decades of Army experience, yet we have been spending months training them on the nuances of the AGSU and on which size best fits various body shapes, and making improvements to our AGSU. Taking a few weeks now saves time and frustration later, by greatly increasing the chance that we fit you correctly the first time when you order on-line.

Why is this important? Mass production is not our forte. A uniform is an investment- certainly it is a significant financial investment, but it is also an investment in your career and a central element of your most important life events. For all these reasons, we believe that it is worth a few weeks to get it right.

Authorization Memorandum

The Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier provided an update on its progress at the Defense Logistics Agency’s (Troop Support - Clothing & Textile) Joint Advanced Planning Brief for Industry held November 15-16, 2017. While the designs will not be finalized until after the wear test, the current working design combine many aspects of the iconic World War II uniforms while also introduction new modern features:

  • Male Coat: Dark greenish brown, four-button design with a belt and a bi-swing back. Officers have ½-inch brown braid.
  • Female Coat: Similar to the male coat design. The Army decided to include top pocket flaps for uniformity of appearance to provide a baseline for positioning accoutrements.
  • Male Trousers: Taupe color and similar to current design, but without trouser braid for all Soldiers.
  • Female Slacks: Incorporates side pockets, but no back pockets. Has hidden waistband pockets to provide added utility for Class B wear.
  • Female Skirt: This item is still in development. Pencil design. An optional skirt may have a comfort waistband. Skirt will incorporate a “V” or kick pleat at back hem.
  • Male Shirt: Tan cloth with a tapered design. Enlisted does not have shoulder loops, but wears sleeve chevrons. Officers have shoulder loops and wear rank tabs.
  • Female Shirt: Similar to the untuck version of the ASU shirt in general design.
  • Ties: Unisex ties for both males and females, available in different lengths.
  • Headgear: Unisex Service Caps with “walnut” brown leather visors and chin straps, incorporating the iconic “crushed” look of WWII. The uniform also has garrison caps. Berets remain authorized for wear.
  • Footwear: Brown leather with brown socks
  • Overall CSA Guidance: Make the uniform as functionally comfortable as possible without giving up a sharp, military appearance. Make the female uniforms as close as possible to the male uniforms without compromising female anatomical fit. Reduce the “bling” on the uniform by limiting pin-on items, perhaps incorporating subdued buttons, etc.
  • Trouser Belt: Unisex Woven belt with open-faced, antiqued finish buckle.
  • All-Weather Coat: Like the current black coat, but in Heritage Green.
  • Leather Gloves: Brown.
  • Windbreaker: Like the current black design, but Heritage Green. Still in development.
  • Female Tuck-In Shirt: Still in development.
  • Ike Jacket: Proposed as unique male and female item, but it is still in development.
  • Bomber Jacket: Still proposed and in development.
Possible Timeline
Event Estimated Date    
CSA Approved Initial Prototype Design Complete    
Female Focus Group Input Complete    
R&D Contract Awarded Complete    
Wear Test Begins with 200+ Soldiers of the Northeast Recruiting Battalion Complete    
CSA Makes Final Decision Complete    
Initial Roll-out to Training Bases TBD (Likely Sept to Oct, though the potential impact of the pandemic remains a challenge to the timeline)    
Roll-out to Rest of the Army Has already begun in limited amounts with a few vendors. Full roll out at all vendors is likely Aug to Sept for nearly all items. Some optional items may take 6-9 more months.    
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Additional Information
  • Disclaimer: Because Marlow White is not a member of the Army Uniform Board, nor a government agency, we are providing information only as we hear it from various news sources and from within the industry. PEO Soldier and Natick currently have the lead on prototype and design efforts.

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