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Navy Male Service Dress Blue Uniform Item Number: 59-100

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Price: $395.00
  • Limited Availability: Due to supply-related issues, we may be limited in select sizes.
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    Price: $395.00


    • 100% tropical worsted wool
    • Marlow White signature lining
    • Reinforced inside pockets
    • Gold, Navy-eagle, gilt buttons
    • Hidden sword slit with zipper built into jacket
    • Rubberized shirt to help keep your shirt tucked in and looking sharp.

    Additional Information:

    Explanation of Order Options – Please Read Carefully

    • Coat and Trouser Size: select the jacket size and trouser waist size you usually wear. The trousers are unhemmed. At check out, we will ask for additional measurements to "double check" the sizes you select.
    • Sleeve Devices (not attached) - You may purchase the necessary sleeve devices (one pair) for your local tailor to attach.
    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    how does this compare to the brooks brothers version?
    Hello, I am seeking this Navy Service Dress Uniform for an upcoming wedding. The groom has requested all to wear black suits. I understand this suit to be considered "Winter Blue" which has been told to me is nearly like black. Does the fabric color of this uniform appear nearly black and would pass for an all black attire wedding? Thank you ahead for your reply.
    When I order my Navy Dress Blue uniform is it possible to have my rate and hash marks patches sewn on my jacket ? And what is the fee for that ? Do you carry Navy Rate patches and hash marks ? If you do I’m just trying to find out how to incorporate that in on my order.
    I need to have alterations completed. I thought if I put in the measurements you can do them or does your company not provide alterations?

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