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Male Field Grade Officer ASU Service Cap - All Questions

Male Field Grade Officer ASU Service Cap
Male Field Grade Officer ASU Service Cap
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Can a Company Grade ASU Service Cap be converted to Field Grade?
Question by: Greg Bucci on Dec 3, 2023, 7:47 PM
No. The "scrambled" eggs on the visor of the Field Grade cap are sewn into the visor and aren't something that can be converted over from the Company Grade cap.
Answer by: Liz Spratt (Admin) on Dec 4, 2023, 7:51 AM
Can the branch color be swapped out on existing FG Officer ? e.g. existing Logistics (red) branch transfer back to Infantry (light blue)
Question by: patrick donnelly on Jan 1, 2024, 4:15 PM
The braid band can be removed & changed to another Branch. Below is the link to purchase.
Answer by: Colleen Carney (Admin) on Jan 2, 2024, 10:27 AM

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