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Male CPO Combination Hat

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Male CPO Combination Hat

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Complete combination hat with:

  • White CNT Cover
  • Petty Officer Stretch Band
  • Black Patent Visor
  • CPO Black Chin Strap
  • USN Buttons.


Product Questions

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Do you sell this with a VINYL cover rather than the CNT standard one? Or, do you sell the vinyl cover separately?
WHEN I first enlisted in the U.S.NAVY back in April 1974 these are the Navy hats they gave us with our uniforms. Do you still have them with an elastic band with the eagle.I am looking for one since mine was lost
Hello! How can I buy one male cpo combination hat?
I retired from the Navy in May 1977 as an E-6. At that time I was required to wear the CPO type uniform. Can I get a uniform of this type today with a Radioman First Class rating badge (gold) an 4 gold hashmarks?
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