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Why do some female uniforms cost more?

We get asked this question quite often. There are 2 major reasons:

  1. Density and volume: Only about 15% of our uniform sales are female uniforms. We end up having lower inventory turn-over rates and lower quantity production runs for female items, each of which adds to our costs. Most of the time, we just "eat" the extra inventory costs, such as for the shoulder straps. But sometimes, we just cannot avoid having to price the female items a bit higher to account for our higher costs.
  2. More expensive designs: Many of the female items are just plain harder or more expensive to make. The female mess blouse has a ruffled, instead of a pleated, front, plus the bust darts on a female blouse are more difficult to sew than the male’s plain front. The female Dress Blue "Pot Hat" is especially difficult to make, as the hat must be formed and baked to maintain its shape and includes an incredible amount of labor compared to the male Service (saucer) Cap. The fully lined long mess skirt, though easier to make, has significantly more material costs than the male trouser.

We are working hard to balance our production sizes against the length of time we must hold items in stock to give you the best pricing we are able. Though the above reasons are not the greatest news to hear, we think some factual explanation is much better than saying, "Just because."

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