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Female Company Grade Officer ASU Service Hat Item Number: 05k-3x3

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Price: $119.00
  • Multiple certified fabric options available

  • Manufactured by Kingform™ Caps - the Best Manufacturer of Military Caps.

  • Comes complete with hat, band & cap insignia

  • Free Shipping on orders of $100 of more
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    Price: $119.00


  • Company Grade (CG)- Ranks 2LT, 1LT, CPT, WO1, CW2
  • Field Grade (FG)- Ranks CW3, CW4, CW5 MAJ, LTC, COL
  • Additional Information:

    Make sure you order the correct size! Your service hat is likely not the same size as your beret! The service hats have a constant and more rigid shape than a beret, not to mention that berets tend to stretch a little over time. Because of the extra handling and the very high shipping fees for hats, we must charge a $5 fee to exchange any ASU Service Hat. Learn how to measure your correct hat size.



    IMPORTANT DA PAM 670-1 WARNING: The DA PAM 670-1 (para. 13-12d) states that the hat will be the same material as the coat. We highly recommend purchasing and wearing the Professional™ hat with a Professional™ uniform.

    Why do some female uniform items cost more than the male uniform items?

    The Marlow White Difference

    The Marlow White Difference.

    The Marlow White Difference.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    You only offer 22 and 22.5 but your size cart lists 22 3/8 and 22 3/4 as sizes and females go by patrol cap size. How do we order a 22 3/8 hat when the drop down is only 22 and 22.5?
    Is there a wear out date on the female officer blue service cap? I had Cadets opt not to get it because they do not want to spend money on uniform item that is being phased out? Do women wear the saucer cap? What replaces the company grade blue service cap for women?
    Not sure what size I need to order. How can I measure to find out? My OCP cap is a 7.

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