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Female ASU Conversion Kit – Jr. Enlisted to Officer Item Number: 09K-906

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Price: $89.00

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Price: $89.00


  • Officer Branch Sleeve Braid

    Officer Branch Sleeve Braid

    Approximately 36" of Officer Branch Sleeve Braid, enough to attach to both sleeves of either the ASU Coat or the Mess Blue Jacket. Sleeve braid is made of rayon in the correct "Goldenlite" color.

  • Female Slacks Braid, 1" Wide
  • Nylon Shoulder Straps

    Female Army Shoulder Straps

    • Nylon and Gold Bullion embroidery options available
    • Sold as a pair
    • Shoulder Clips included
    • Designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications

    Our shoulder straps are designed to meet and/or exceed the Institute of Heraldry's specifications.

    This is why we include a free Intercept-Lined® Shoulder Strap Protective Case with every order of bullion straps.
  • Nylon Shoulder Marks

    Army Officer Shoulder Marks

    Marlow White's shoulder marks are available in the deluxe bullion or the standard nylon. All ranks are available. See Details tab for additional information.

    How to Wear: Shoulder marks (or rank tabs) are worn on ASU shirts, the maternity shirt, the black cardigan sweater, the all-weather coat, and the windbreaker. AR 670-1 refers to large and small (not male or female) and allows soldiers to wear either size in a manner that fits the shoulder loop so that the buttons are completely visible and the Velcro tabs are completely usable in a manner that allows the marks (tabs) to lay flat and not scrunch up. 

    What size do I Order?

    Male ASU Shirts:

    • For Marlow White shirts, the large shoulder marks fits size 14 and up.
    • Some manufacturers have slightly smaller shoulders, so on other brands, Size 14 may require small shoulder marks.

    Female ASU Shirts: 

    • For size 8 and down, use small shoulder marks.
    • For size 12 and up, use large shoulder marks.
    • Size 10 is borderline and is personal preference, though we would recommend small shoulder marks.

    We do not stock and sell sweaters, maternity wear, windbreakers, or overcoats, so we cannot definitively recommend a size on these items. Nearly all overcoats and windbreakers will accept the large tab, though. Sweaters that fit a medium frame or smaller will generally need the small tab to allow the tab to lay flat.


    Note of Dimensions in AR 670-1 (11 November 2017): The dimensions listed for the base and top width of the marks are correct, but the AR leaves out that these are the INSIDE measurements (as noted on the Institute of Heraldry drawings), so that the marks correctly fits the shoulder loops of the uniforms.

  • Officer Branch & U.S. Insignia

    Army Officer Non-Tarnish Branch Insignia

    • Non-tarnish, 22-carat gold-plated insignia.
    • Several branches (AG, Signal, Aides, etc.) have enamel finishes.
    • Items are sold in pairs, i.e., a quantity of 1 U.S. Insignia equates to 2 Insignia pins.
  • Officer Rank Insignia

    Army Officer Non-Tarnish Rank Insignia

    • Army pin-on rank insignia.
    • Gold-color insignia is non-tarnish, 22k-gold-plated.
    • Silver-color is nickel-plated.

Additional Information:

  • This kit is designed to help convert an existing Jr. Enlisted (SPC and below) uniform to an officer uniform.
  • Alterations Note: You will have to have a tailor remove the shoulder loops from the enlisted coat to properly convert it.
  • Engineer Officers: You will additionally need to purchase an Engineer Officer Button Set to properly convert the coat.
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