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Fabric Options

We offer three base fabric choices, and each fabric is available in a variety of stock or custom colors.

55/45 Poly Wool, Tropical Weight:

The Tropical-weight cloth is a lighter weight of cloth that was designed for use in temperate climates. It is an economic cloth for a Dress Uniform that is worn several times a year.

100% Wool, Tropical Weight:

The 100% Tropical Wool option is a lighter-weight (Tropical) fabric that is 100% wool. The 100% wool breathes better than the 55/45 Poly mixture, which allows it to pass water vapor/sweat better. 100% wool repels the growth of bacteria which prevents odors. Wool insulates from the cold even while wet and does a better job at resisting wrinkles.

55/45 Wool, Gaberdine Weight:

Gaberdine-weight fabrics are significantly heavier and more durable than our Tropical-weight fabrics. While one would think that "heavier" would translate to "hotter", the Gaberdine cloth will still be comfortable for wear for most occasions, except perhaps outdoor events during the summer (when nothing is comfortable). The Tropical weave, by contrast, will be somewhat cooler during the outdoor summer events; however, the Tropical cloth will not be as warm during the cool fall, winter, and spring seasons.

Color Options

Each different uniform page displays the standard colors that we offer, and also specifies whether the fabric/color is a stock item, semi-stock item, or a special order. In addition to the standard fabric colors that we offer we can also provide custom colors for large orders of Dress Uniforms.

If you would like a sample color swatch of one of our standard fabric colors, or if you would like to discuss a custom fabric color with us, please contact us.

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