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Army Service Caps - Why We Prefer Kingform™ Caps

A service cap is not just a cap -- there are definite quality differences among the manufacturers and vendors. We sell only Kingform™ caps with requested upgrades to improve fit and appearance. We can truly say we offer the best quality male Army Service Caps and female Army Service Hats for the lowest price. And we don't just "say" that our Kingform™ cap is the best quality; we show it.

Below, we show the comparison of our Kingform™ cap to the cap made by another manufacturer and sold by other vendors. Both of the caps are Natick-certified; however, our Kingform™ caps exceed the specifications in ways that make the cap better looking and better fitting. We make these comparisons guardedly; we always want to be fair and honest when making such comparisons. For example, to keep the comparison above-board, none of the photos on this page have been retouched in any way.

These are the questions we ask:

Do You Prefer High-Gloss?

  • We ask Kingform™ to use the higher quality high-gloss chin strap and visor.
  • The other vendor opts for a matte-finish material for their chin strap and visor.
  • Both materials are authorized; however, Soldiers usually consider the high-gloss material more professional.

Is the U.S. Coat of Arms Centered on the Emblem?

  • The U.S. Coat of Arms (the eagle) on the Kingform™ cap is centered on the emblem disc.
  • The U.S. Coat of Arms on the other vendor's emblem is visibly off-center.
  • Both bear the authorized hallmark from the Institute of Heraldry, but the other vendor's quality has slipped.

Is the Cap Emblem the Correct Color?

  • The emblem on the Kingform™ cap is 22k gold-plated and is the proper color - the color of polished brass.
  • The other vendor's emblem is too dark and orange in appearance.
  • NOTE: Cap manufacturers are different from emblem manufacturers.

Is the Sweatband Comfortable?

  • Kingform™ uses quality leather for its sweatband, which absorbs sweat better and is 0.045 inches thick for better comfort.
  • The other manufacturer uses a laminated vinyl, which is hotter, less comfortable, and a thinner thickness of 0.030 inches.

Does the Cap Stay on Your Head?

  • The Kingform™ technique for sewing the sweatband on results in a more comfortable and consistent shape.
  • The other manufacturer uses a sewing technique that results in a poor shape that pushes the cap up and off the wearer's head.
  • We have "pixelated" the other manufacturer's name and certification labels.

Is the Cap Comfortable on the Sides of Your Forehead?

  • Kingform's™ foam cushion extends across the entire front of the cap, increasing comfort on the sides of your forehead.
  • The other manufacturer's foam cushion covers the center portion of the forehead only.

Is the Visor Material Too Stiff?

  • Kingform's™ visor backing is made of a quality leather which gives the visor some flexibility for comfort.
  • The other manufacturer's visor backing is made of a stiff plastic.

Cap comparison as of May 2011.

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