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Army Mess Shoulder Knots: Gold Bullion or Mylar

Or Nylon from some other web site?

Bullion and nylon shoulder knots

We only sell Mylar Non-Tarnish and Bullion Knots, and both fulfill the uniform requirements. There is a third allowable option: mess knots created with regular nylon cord -- but due to the low quality and poor image that they present, we do not carry any nylon knots.

Many of our Clients often wonder whether they should make the additional investment in their appearance as officers by purchasing the Bullion Mess Shoulder Knots. This page is designed to show you the differences between the three types of knots so that you can make your own decision.

On average, we sell a mix of about 60% Mylar Knots and 40% Bullion Knots. Despite selling more of the Mylar knots, our opinion is that the enhanced luster lent by the 2% gold content in the bullion thread presents a better image.

If you look at the image of the knots on a mess jacket (immediately below), you can see the incredible difference between the nylon knots sold by others, as well as our Mylar and bullion knots. All of the images on this page were photographed with the exact same lighting and composition with absolutely no retouching! And yes, the nylon ones are that orange in real life. Keep scrolling - there is more...

Large image of mess knots on the shoulder of a mess jacket

The only disadvantage we are aware of with the Bullion Knots is that they can dull over time. However, if the knots are correctly stored in a plastic bag or container, they retain their luster for many years.

Detail image of a bullion and Mylar shoulder knot

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