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Marine Officer Sword Hilts

Below are photos that compare various aspects of the hilts. All images are completely unretouched and use the exact same set up and lighting.

  1. Certification: Marine Corps Systems Command requires the sword to display a current certification number on the edge of the blade. Marlow White has a current certification. Country 1’s sword was certified, but the certification has expired. (we have pixilated the expired serial number and the maker's mark on Country 1's sword)
  2. Fit of Plastic Grip at the Hilt Guard: We are consistently impressed with the fit of WKC’s Mameluke grip components. The plastic grip pieces fit flush with the metalwork so that the sword does not catch on the Officer's gloves, ultimately risking an embarrassing episode of the Officer dropping the sword. We remain unimpressed with the fit of Country 1's plastic pieces.
  3. Fit of Plastic Grip at Top of Hilt. As the hilt curves, one can easily see the difference in fit between WKC and Country 1. WKC's plastic grips fit nearly flush. Country 1's plastic grip forms a "ridge" about 1/32 inches high (about half the width of a penny). A ridge located at this point of the grip provides a "stress point" where the plastic grip can chip or crack.
  4. Sword Knot Hole: The sword knot hole on the WKC Mameluke is trimmed out to keep the grip tightly fixed to the metalwork of the sword. Country 1's sword knot hole lacks attention to detail in fitting the grip to the metalwork

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Comparison of Mameluke Sword Components' Fit

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