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Marine Officer Sword Hilt & Acorn Shapes

Below are photos of each sword's hilt and acorn with some sample areas highlighted. All images are completely unretouched.

  1. Acorns: WKC’s acorn is intricately and consistently textured. The texture of Country 1’s acorn is not as intricately detailed.
  2. Hilt Curve: These photos were taken at a side angle, revealing the cross-guard curve on each Mameluke. The red lines highlight the curvature. The curve of WKC's hilt is consistently parabolic along the side, but straight along the top. The curves of Country 1's hilt bows out along the side and is crooked along the top.
  3. Smooth Connection of the Plastic Grip to the Metal Portion of the Guard: WKC's plastic grip fits well with the metal portions of the grip, leaving virtually no lip at the junction. Country 1's plastic grip overhangs the metal portion of the grip by 2/32 inch (about the width of a penny) so that the ridge can be easily felt in the hand and so that the plastic grip can be easily chipped.

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Comparison of Mameluke Acorn & Hilts

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