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Marine NCO Sword Guard Shapes

  1. Angle of the Grip: WKC's grip is parallel and in line with the blade that we subjectively feel is more aesthetically pleasing and allows for better balance of the sword during manual of arms movements. The end of Country One's grip is slightly rotated down from the blade. The end of Country Two's hand grip has a significant rotation upward from the blade.
  2. Thumb Guard: WKC’s shape has a smooth, rounded shape which we subjectively feel is the best of the three designs we are comparing. Country One's thumb guard appears pointed and abrupt to us, while Country Two's thumb guards seems to be a cross between WKC's thumb guard and Country One's thumb guard.

Click any image for a high-resolution image. All images are completely unretouched. Please note: because Country One's sword has a holographic sticker on it, we pixilated the sticker to cloud the identity of the manufacturer. No other retouching has been done to the photos.

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[photos are not retouched]

Marlow White's swords and sabers have ceremonial blades. As such, they are built to strict military regulations to be used in drills, ceremonies, and displays. These blades are of the highest quality but are not sharpened for use as a weapon.
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