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Army NCO Sword Scabbard Comparison

All images are completely unretouched.

  1. Country One’s scabbard has four protrusions or “dents” in the metal: two in the scabbard’s mouth or throat fitting and two in the drag fitting. These dents reflect poor workmanship when joining the two halves of the scabbard fittings. WKC’s scabbard does not have any dents of this sort.
  2. Country One’s scabbard screw is not properly inset, allowing the screw to snag the uniform. One must look at the photo closely, but WKC’s screw is inset properly.
  3. The quality and fit of the leather on the scabbard is a significant difference. Country One’s leather is not properly set into the scabbard fitting and is rippled as a result.
  4. This view shows another of the “dents” in Country One’s scabbard fitting.

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Comparison of Army NCO Scabbards

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