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NCO Sword Casting Comparison

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  1. If you look closely, you can see the difference between the two casting methods used by WKC and Country One. WKC uses a combination of a 3D-computer system and lost-wax casting to create their molds, while Country One uses the less-expensive sand-cast method. Sand-casting is not effective at creating fine details in a sword, which is why Country One’s sword lacks the intricate details when compared to WKC.
  2. Proper fit of the components is a significant difference between these two swords. One of the most obvious areas of poor fit is visible where the guard meets the pommel. The WKC sword has a very small gap between these two pieces while Country One’s gap is large enough to be visually obvious, and is at least twice as wide as the WKC gap.

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Comparison of Army NCO Sword Hilt Casts

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