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Marlow White's Removable Button Strip

Why is our removable button strip valuable, even though you have to sew on the button strip? There are several reasons.

  1. It saves your buttons. The button strip holds the removable buttons, allowing you to remove your buttons before cleaning and pressing your uniform. This will prevent your buttons from being lost or smashed during the dry-cleaning process. You save the hassle of finding and buying new buttons later.
  2. It saves your uniform. Pressing the uniform while the buttons are on it can damage the fabric. The removable buttons prevent damage to your coat's fabric over time.
  3. It can initially save an expensive "side alteration". By using a button strip to hold the buttons, we avoid having to use permanently placed holes in the coat to hold the button shanks. The button strip can be positioned, and then attached, about 1/2" in either direction and can save a much more expensive alteration to the side of the coat to achieve a better fit. A side alteration can cost $25-$30; whereas attaching the button strip should only cost about $5. Click here for printable instructions regarding how to attach the button strip or how to mark the strip to return it for alterations.
  4. It can save an expensive "side alteration" later.
  • It can save an expensive "side alteration" later. We have heard that as Soldiers progress in their careers, their coats "shrink" while hanging in their closets. The uniform REALLY shrinks when Soldiers retire. The removable button strip allows you to move the buttons over a bit to let out the coat should you gain weight. Permanent button holes in the uniform do not allow this future flexibility.

Granted, the initial alteration to have your button strip attached to your uniform will cost you a few dollars more, but we have found that the savings of having removable buttons and the ability to easily adjust the side fit far outweigh these initial costs over the life of your uniform.

Why do we not offer button strips on the female uniform? The button strip is visible when used on the female coat because of the design of the coat.

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