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Female Officer

Blue Mess Uniform Center

Long Blue Mess Skirt

Price: $145.00

Female Officer
Blue Mess Jacket

Price: $369.00

Mess Blouse

  • Worn with the Army Blue and White Mess Uniforms
  • Machine washable
    • Price: $59.00

Neck Tab

  • 100% polyester
Price: $7.50

Black Cummerbund

  • 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable
  • Worn with the pleats facing down
Price: $17.50

Miniature Badges

  • Pin-on badges
Price: $5.50

ID Badges

  • Non-tarnish
  • Full size and miniature sizes available for most badges
Price: $27.50

Combat Service Identification Badges (CSIB's)

  • Pin-on badge worn on the Army Service and Mess Uniforms.
Price: $15.50

Bullion Sleeve Rank

  • Made of Gold or Silver-plated wire
  • Worn on the sleeve of the mess jacket
Price: $18.00

Miniature Medals

  • Optionally worn after retreat (in lieu of ribbons)
  • Design your Mini Medals in our new Award Builder!
Price: $12.00

Regimental Crest

Regimental Crest
Price: $7.00

Bullion Mess Knots

  • Exterior is Gold-plated wire thread.
Price: $89.00

Mylar Mess Knots

  • Synthetic Bullion

Price: $59.00

Retired Service Identification Badge

  • Non-tarnish
  • Only full size offered
Price: $15.50

Mess Chain and Buttons

  • The chain and buttons are included with every Mess Jacket that we sell
  • Used to keep the jacket closed
Price: $6.95

Black High Gloss Pumps

  • Black High Gloss Pumps
  • 1.25" Heel
  • For ASU wear
Price: $75.00
Items which can be required by the Local Commander. Unless required or prohibited by the Local Commander, the items are considered optional and can be worn at the discretion of the individual.

White Dress Gloves

  • Regular length
  • Standard style
  • Unlined
Price: $4.95

White Grip Gloves

  • Regular length
  • "Grip" style
  • Unlined
Price: $4.95

Gauntlet-Length White Gloves

  • Gauntlet length
  • Standard or "grip" style
Price: $7.00

Dress Aiguillettes

  • Only worn by aides
  • Available in Nylon or Mylar
Price: $149.00
Items which are worn at the discretion of the individual unless prohibited by the Local Commander.

Blue Mess Short Skirt

  • 55/45 wool blend with acetate lining
  • Mid-length
  • Rarely worn, and then only for "cocktail" functions (please call to order)
Price: $110.00

"Hamilton-finish" Bright Buttons

  • All Marlow White Uniforms include the proper buttons
  • Extra buttons or spares can be ordered separately
Price: $2.50

Replacement Branch Sleeve Braid

  • Officer sleeve braid
  • Included with the coat
Price: $10.00
  • Know the Appropriate Occasion for Wear (Top)

    The Blue Mess Uniform by AR 670-1 is specified in two variations - the Blue Mess Uniform with a short skirt and the Blue Evening Mess Uniform with the long skirt. The occasion for wear for either of these is:

    • Social functions of a general or official nature, held after retreat.
    • All private, formal social functions held after retreat.

    In practice, however, Soldiers wear Mess Uniforms during very formal afternoon events, such as weddings, especially when the event extends into the evening hours. AR 670-1 is silent about the correct etiquette that is currently practiced with these two versions. From our experience, the correct etiquette is:

    • Blue Evening Mess Uniform - worn with the long skirt, is the most formal uniform worn by Soldiers. Female Soldiers will wear this uniform for nearly all evening events except those that are truly "cocktail" events.
    • Blue Mess Uniform - worn with the short skirt (a different cut than the short skirt with the dress blue), is worn for only "cocktail" functions held after retreat and ending before about 8 p.m. If the function extends beyond 8 p.m., the long skirt is appropriate.

    Because most evening functions extend beyond 8 p.m., and because most Soldiers prefer the more formal look of the long skirt, Soldiers rarely purchase and wear the Short Blue Mess Skirt.

    No headgear is authorized for wear by female personnel with the Army Blue Mess or Blue Evening Mess uniforms.

Female Officer

Prices start at: $619.00