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Uniform Braid Color Mismatches

Marlow White has fixed what Soldiers have complained about ... the industry-wide color "creep" in the various gold braid materials on the uniforms. Other uniform vendors are using yellow-gold colors that are not consistent across the entire uniform, with different colors for the trouser braid, sleeve braid, cap braid, soutache, epaulette piping, service stripes and chevrons. All of these items should match the DoD Institute of Heraldry's specified color: Goldenlite Cable #67107. While Natick and the Institute of Heraldry have certified manufacturers' and vendors' initial products, as time has gone on, many of them have allowed the color creep to begin in these "certified" items. We have even heard these vendors state that the variation in color is within acceptable tolerances. Perhaps, but Soldiers do not like the mis-matched colors. So Marlow White has gone to the added trouble and expense to match all of its yellow-gold braids and trim to the specified Institute of Heraldry color.

In the chart below, all gold braid should match!

When buying your uniform and accessories from Marlow White, you can have confidence that all your braid colors across the entire uniform will match the color standard.

Marlow White's Official Braid Colors