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Army Class A, Dress Blue, ASU Uniform Transition Center

We have created this page as a resource for all U.S. Army Soldiers with information pertaining to the Service (Class A) & Dress Blue Uniform transition. We will be updating this page regularly, but we strongly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.

Service Dress Tropical (Class "B" w/Ribbons)

28 Oct 10: The Army has release an ALARACT introducing the "Service Dress Tropical (Class "B" w/ Ribbons) Uniform. View a copy of ALARACT 332/2010.

Wear Policy for the Identification Badges

02 Jul 10: The Army has released an ALRACT covering the changes to the proper wear of identification badges with the new CSIB. View a copy of ALARACT 203/10.

ASU Transition

20 Aug 08: The Army announced the new ASU Wear Policy. View a copy of Army Service Uniform wear policy.

  • The current dress blue coat and the current dress blue trousers with belt loops will be the base components for the male uniform
  • The current dress blue coat, the current skirt, and a ASU slack will be the base components for females
  • The mandatory wear date for the new ASU and the wear-out date for the Class A Greens is 4th Qtr FY14
  • Newly authorized accessories will take time to develop and field.

PLEASE NOTE: Beware of "bootleg" versions of new items during this transition.

Up-To-Date Status: We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of the progress of our transition and the expected fileding dates of new items.

Service Cap Clarification

The ALARACT wasn't very clear about the ASU's headgear, and the previous FAQ on the army.mil web site was also confusing.

Clarified and updated:
What is the headgear for the new blue ASU?

The primary headgear is the beret. Officers and enlisted Soldiers will be required to have both the service cap/hat and the beret by the mandatory possession date. Commanders have the discretion to determine if corporals and above wear either the service hat/cap or the beret. Enlisted Soldiers will receive an increase in the Clothing Replacement Allowance to purchase the service cap/hat.

New OSB's and Hash Marks

The Institute of Heraldry has confirmed the sizing and exact color of the new Hash Marks and Overseas Service Bars (OSBs) for the new ASU ... same size as the Class A Green versions, just different colors. Because of the cost of processing a single order no matter what is in it, we are restricting the purchases of these items to at least 4 each, so get with your friends and combine your order. These items are designed to be cut apart without fraying.

Male Blue Hash Marks
Female Blue Hash Marks
Male Blue OSB's
Female Blue OSB's

NOTICE TO ENLISTED SOLDIERS: While the ALARACT Message indicated that you can wear your 1/2" wide service stripes through the entire transition period, please understand that the longer these stripes remain on your uniform, the greater the chance will be that the stripes will show their "shadow" after you remove them. The dark blue cloth UNDER the service stripes will not fade as quickly as the rest of the coat from sunlight and dry cleaning.

For additional information:

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