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Female General Officer

Army Service Uniform Center

Female General Officer ASU Coat

Look Sharp! U.S. Army Uniform Guide

A guide to the U.S. Army uniform, along with instructions for accessories and award sets. Print date: June 2017.
Price: $18.99

General Officer Replacement ASU Trouser Braid

  • Replacement braid for General Officer ASU trousers
  • Price: $27.50

    Women's Black High Gloss Low Quarter Shoe

    • High gloss upper
    • Removable full-cushion footbed
    • Oil-resistant outsole
    Price: $89.00

    Female General Officer ASU Slacks

    Price: $129.00

    Long Sleeve ASU Shirt (Untucked)

    • Select sizes $19.50
    • Made of a 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend
    • Herringbone cloth weave
    Price: $32.75

    Female ASU Shirt S/S (Untucked)

    • Select sizes $17.50
    • Made of a 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend
    • Herringbone cloth weave
    Price: $29.75

    Neck Tab

    • 100% polyester and fully adjustable
    Price: $7.50

    Belt, Buckle, and Tip

    • Non-tarnish finish
    • Slightly Elastic
    Price: $13.50

    Officer Shoulder Marks

    • Also called "rank tabs"
    • Available in mylar for $9.95 or Clearance deluxe bullion for $24.75
    Price: $9.95

    Female Overseas Bars

    • 1 per 6-months in authorized combat zones
    • Correct color
    Price: $0.95

    Branch Insignia

    • Non-tarnish, gold-plated insignia
    • Items sold in pairs
    Price: $9.95

    Full Size Badges

    • Full size badges worn on the ASU
    Price: $5.50

    ID Badges

    • Non-tarnish
    • Full size and miniature sizes available for most badges
    Price: $27.50

    Combat Service Identification Badges (CSIB's)

    • Pin-on badge worn on the Army Service and Mess Uniforms.
    Price: $15.50

    Shoulder Straps

    • Correct color embroidery
    • Available in nylon and gold bullion
    • Sold as a pair
    Price: $69.00


    • Custom ribbon and medal services
    • New award module: select your awards once and watch the module build your ribbons, mini medals, and full-size medals
    Price: $6.00

    ASU Nameplates

    • Black textured nameplates
    • 1" x 3"
    • Maximum of 14 letters
    • Minimum quantity of 2 nameplates
    Price: $5.00

    Regimental Crest

    Regimental Crest
    Price: $7.00

    Retired Service Identification Badge

    • Non-tarnish
    • Only full size offered
    Price: $15.50

    "Hamilton-finish" Bright Buttons

    • All Marlow White Uniforms include the proper buttons
    • Extra buttons or spares can be ordered separately
    Price: $2.50

    Black High Gloss Pumps

    • Black High Gloss Pumps
    • 1.25" Heel
    • For ASU wear
    Price: $75.00
    Items which can be required by the Local Commander. Unless required or prohibited by the Local Commander, the items are considered optional and can be worn at the discretion of the individual.

    Women's Black High Gloss Low Quarter Shoe

    • High gloss upper
    • Removable full-cushion footbed
    • Oil-resistant outsole
    Price: $89.00

    White Dress Gloves

    • Regular length
    • Standard style
    • Unlined
    Price: $4.95

    White Grip Gloves

    • Regular length
    • "Grip" style
    • Unlined
    Price: $4.95

    Gauntlet-Length White Gloves

    • Gauntlet length
    • Standard or "grip" style
    Price: $7.00


    • Several styles in stock
    Price: $17.00
    Items which are worn at the discretion of the individual unless prohibited by the Local Commander.

    Army Saber Guard

    • Leather saber guard for the Army Officer Saber
    Price: $19.00

    Army Saber Chain

    • Nickel-plated finish
    Price: $35.00

    Soldier for Life Insignia

    Soldier for Life lapel pins and ID badge
    Price: $5.95

    Army Officer Saber & Scabbard

    • Nickel-plated brass
    • Hand-polished
    • Free ground shipping
    Price: $355.00

    Premium Army Saber & Scabbard

  • Designed exclusively for Marlow White, this saber is appropriate for special occassions
  • Price: $450.00

    Shoulder Strap Clips

    Clips, sold in sets of four clips, for shoulder straps.
    Price: $2.00

    Hidden Tailor Flex Belt

    • Flexible belt worn over the shirttail but under the trousers, just below the waistband.
    • Keeps shirt tucked in and trousers in place.
    Price: $20.00

    Replacement Sleeve Braid

    • Included with the coat
    • 1.5" wide
    • Available in Mylar and Polyester
    Price: $23.50

    Service Hat Accessories

    • Hat Insignia
    • Hat Bands
    • Plain Hats
    Price: $8.00
    Worn for official formal evening functions when civilians normally wear evening clothes (black tie or tuxedo). Note that the service cap is optional wear after retreat.

    Full size medals

    • Optionally worn after retreat (in lieu of ribbons)
    • Most formal wear of awards
    • Build your awards in our new award module!
    Price: $15.50

    Miniature Medals

    • Optionally worn after retreat (in lieu of ribbons)
    • Design your Mini Medals in our new Award Builder!
    Price: $12.00
    • Know the appropriate Occasion for Wear (Top)

      The Army Service Uniform is worn:

      • Year-round
      • As a dress uniform when worn with the black bow tie
      • As a replacement for the Army Green Service Uniform in its Class A and B forms
      • On duty as prescribed by the local commander
      • For social functions of a general or official nature, before or after retreat
      • On other appropriate occasions. Examples include:
        • Funerals
        • Memorial services
        • Weddings
        • Inaugurals
        • Parades on national or state holidays
        • Parades or ceremonies in which a United States military unit of any component is taking part
        • Other occasions of ceremony
    Female General Officer

    Prices start at: $495.00