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Army Beret Finishes: Shaving and Shaping

Issue Berets

These berets are thick and clumpy. They look very fuzzy and you will be spending a few hours with a razor to clean it up.

Photo of: issue beret fuzzy wool

Pre-shaven Berets

The material manufacturers pre-shave the beret to smooth it out. You will still need to shape it for wear and based upon your personal preference you may want to touch it up with a razor to smooth it out some more.

Photo of: Marlow White/Kingform pre-shaven beret's wool

Pre-shaped Berets?

We have generally seen two different types of pre-shaped berets: the first really are not shaped at all and the second are knock-off's that are not Natick certified and approved for uniform wear. Be wary when spending money on one of these berets.

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