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Army Blue Cape and Frog Item Number: 09k-900

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Price: $399.00
  • Next production order date is October 15, 2019

  • Male and Female styles available

  • Exclusive to Marlow White

  • Limited availability in sizes and branches. See the “Features” section below for more details on the production timelines.

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    Price: $399.00


    • 55/45 poly/wool Elastique fabric
    • Satin lining, satin facing, and a wool nap back
    • Includes decorative cord frog for wear with the cape
    • Natick-certified cloth

    Additional Information:

    Limited availability in all sizes. Due to intensive production requirements, we do not stock all branches in every size. A representative will notify you with the production timeline when you order.

    Regular Delivery Timeframe: If you order a cape, select “Regular Delivery,” and the cape is backordered, we place the production orders with the factory on October 15 and December 15 of each year. We will add your backorder to the closest production date and the manufacturing process takes approximately 10 weeks.

    Rush Delivery Timeframe: If you order a cape and select “Rush Delivery,” we will place a special order with the factory. The special order rush fee is an additional $100 and the production time is 8-12 weeks.

    Officers and Warrant Officers will need to specify their basic branch to designate the color of the satin. General Officers' capes will have a dark blue lining; select "General Officer" in the 'Branch' drop down menu.

    • Per AR 670-1, enlisted soldiers are not authorized to wear the cape.
    • The cape may be worn optionally with the Army Dress White, Dress Blue, Mess, and Evening Mess uniforms.
    The Marlow White Difference

    The Marlow White Difference.

    The Marlow White Difference.

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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    I am interested in ordering a cape, but I'm not sure about the sizing. I am 5'10, 180 pounds, what size should I order?
    How long are the various sizes of cape? i.e., to where are they designed to hang? mid calf? lower calf?
    Do you carry or may I custom order a cape frog? Looking to replace one.
    What is your return policy for the capes? If I order it and don't like the way it looks/fits, can I return and/or exchange it for a different size?

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