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Creaset® Permanent Creases - What are They?

A View From the Inside:

A Creaset® permanent crease is a state-of-the-art crease that retains a sharp image. The Creaset crease remains clearly visible throughout the dry-cleaning process and minimizes the chance of "double" creases being pressed into your trousers or slacks.

The image below is an extreme close-up photo of the inside of our Army Service Uniform Trouser featuring the Creaset crease. The trouser fabric is being held apart so you can better see the crease. Despite the pressure on the trouser, you'll notice the inside of the crease is still clearly visible.

The Creaset system involves applying a very thin bead of temperature-resistant silicon down the inside of the permanent crease.

High resolution view of a Lintrack crease.